Bespoke kiln dried construction timber

Getting it right, first time

Avoid warped, split wood and unhappy customers with our expert kiln drying construction timber service.

If you’re a carpenter, joiner, home builder, architect or builder, you’ll know only too well the pitfalls of green timber and the relative benefits of quality dried hardwood, when it comes to home installation projects. Thanks to our large, efficient kiln dryer we can dry your construction timber before you start work. Minimising the risk of warping and splitting wood means long-lasting installations, better reputations and greater efficiency, as you won’t have to return to fix problems. Your customer will also value this greater effort, once you explain the benefits of quality, seasoned, dried wood.

Bespoke kiln drying construction service - How does it work?

Once you’ve had your timber cut, bring it to us where it will go through our expert process.

We’ll create specific drying profiles to best suit the type of timber you need drying. Our modern biomass boiler can be programmed to create a heating curve, specifically designed to meet your requirements. For example, green oak beams are best dried by starting at a very low internal temperature (usually around 15 degrees). The temperature is then slowly increased by small increments over a period of three to four weeks, eventually reaching an internal kiln temperature of around 30 degrees. This slow but controlled increase in temperature ensures the wood dries out without warping or splitting.

We’ll deliver directly to your project location, making it easy for you to receive your kiln-dried timber and get started on your project.

Any questions? Feel free to give us a call to discuss the benefits and our rates.

  • Avoid moving, warping and splitting wood
  • Avoid expensive refits
  • Avoid unhappy customers and impact on reputation
  • Add value to your customers
  • Ensure the quality of your materials

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