Kiln dried Hardwood logs for sale in East and West Horsley | Surrey

If you’d like to purchase top quality kiln dried hardwood in East or West Horsley then Logworld Surrey is the obvious choice.

We are lucky enough to own a state of the art kiln powered by a biomass boiler.

This allows us to carefully control the moisture content of the hardwoods we sell. Unlike the natural air drying process there is nothing left to chance. We regularly test our logs as they are drying in the kiln and only release them for general sale when the moisture content is below 15%. 

If the logs were left in the kiln for an extended period of time the kiln would eventually force all the water out of the logs. This is actually a bad thing as the logs need to retain some moisture in order to burn efficiently. Did you know that if you were to put a log in your oven at home, bake it at 200 degrees for 24 hours to remove all the water in it then try to set it alight it would be extremely difficult to get that log to burn!.

So its not a simple as baking the logs until they are bone dry and devoid of any moisture-They will either burn way too quickly or not at all!.

We have been selling firewood in East&West Horsley and the surrounding areas for many years. During this time we have experimented with many different moisture ranges with many different types of hardwood timber. It’s this trial and error process that has been invaluable in building our base knowledge about what we have to do to produce a product that burns most effectively and efficiently. 

The types of hardwoods that figure most prominently in our net and bulk bags are ash, birch, beech and oak. There will also be smaller amounts of yew, maple, sycamore, fruit tree hardwoods and hornbeam.

All these hardwoods burn at slightly different speeds with subtle variations in flame type and temperature.

We also sell kiln dried kindling, 10kg bags of smokeless coal and firelighters

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Log World is dedicated to supplying responsibly sourced firewood, all of our timber comes directly from arisings produced by our sister company Hedges N Trees - A firm of skilled tree surgeons with the highest of reputations in the Surrey area.
As suppliers of locally sourced and recycled timber we do not contribute to any destructive forestry clearance operations.

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