Q. How do we deliver our logs?

A. The logs arrive on a standard size transit flat bed truck and are lifted off using the small (but very handy!) crane. The crane has limited reach so the exact placement of the bag depends upon the position of the truck in the driveway. We do not unload the logs out of the bags into garages, houses, log stores etc.

Q. How best to start the fire?

A. 2/3 cubes of our firelighters and 5/6 sticks of our kindling on top. Let them catch well alight then add some logs-smallest logs first!

Q. What size are our bulk bags?

A. 100 logs-70x70x70cm (0.7 cubic meters)

     200 logs-85x85x85cm (.85 cubic meters)

     300 logs-100x100x100 cm (1 cubic meter)

Remember! We are the only supplier we’re aware of that guarantees the exact quantity of logs in each and every bag.

Q. What size are our logs?

A. The average size is comparable to the size of a common house brick. However, all our logs are split using hand operated logsplitters so there is some variance in size and shape

Q. Why are kiln dried logs better than air dried logs?

A. Because we can control how much moisture we remove and how much we retain in the logs. After years of experimenting, we think the optimum moisture levels are between 5-18% on the outside of the log and between 15-22% on the inside of the log. This ensures the log ignites easily but does not burn too quickly

Q. How far away do we deliver, and if its a bit of a distance is there a delivery charge?

A. Its free delivery within a 10 mile radius of Headley, Surrey provided the orde placed warrants us travelling to that destination. Please call us to have a chat if you’re not sure!

How do I pay for my order?

A. No payment required prior to delivery. If you’re home when we drop off the logs cash or cheque is great. Alternatively, we can email you an invoice with our Account details and you can pay by BACS.

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