Kiln dried Hardwood logs for sale in Bookham, Surrey

We specialise in the supply and delivery of kiln dried firewood in Bookham, Surrey

All of our logs have undergone a carefully controlled kiln drying process. We only select the best hardwoods with the highest calorific value (the amount of heat released when burnt). We then ensure that all our logs are only bagged up ready for sale when they reach the optimum moisture content, which we think is between 10-15%. Depending upon their water content of the logs when placed in the kiln, this drying process takes about 6 days.

We recommend the logs are delivered to you as soon as possible when taken out of the kiln. Although they will be at our guaranteed low moisture content when they leave the kiln the logs will immediately start to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This process is called reaching Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). In the kiln we can create a warm environment (about 50 degrees) and an artificially low moisture content in the atmosphere in the drying unit and this causes free water and bound water within the logs to migrate out of the wood. 

If we were to kiln dry a batch of firewood then leave it outside for a period of a few weeks it would still be a good product but not great!. That’s not good enough for us at Logworld, if you’re paying extra for the lower moisture content that kiln dried logs attain then we want to get that product to you in the best possible condition.

We deliver every weekday evening between 4-7pm and throughout the day on Saturday. We can split logs to a specific size if required. 

Because our logs are dried so well they burn extremely cleanly with little or no deposits released so they are perfect for open fires or log burners.

We also sell 10kg bags of smokeless coal, kindling and firelighters.

Give us a call to make sure you are stocked up with top quality kiln dried firewood in Bookham, Surrey.

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Log World is dedicated to supplying responsibly sourced firewood, all of our timber comes directly from arisings produced by our sister company Hedges N Trees - A firm of skilled tree surgeons with the highest of reputations in the Surrey area.
As suppliers of locally sourced and recycled timber we do not contribute to any destructive forestry clearance operations.

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