Kiln dried Hardwood logs for sale in Leatherhead, Surrey

In the market to buy kiln dried logs at competitive prices?, then you’ve come to the right place!

We offer top quality kiln dried logs in a variety of bag sizes-from small net bags of 12 logs to our XL bag containing a guaranteed minimum quantity of 240 logs. 

We also stock 10kg bags of smokeless coal, kindling and firelighters.

Only the best hardwoods make it into our processing cycle at our wood yard. All the softwoods generated by our supplier (Hedgesntrees Professional Tree Surgeons) such as conifer, Pine, Spruce and also some hardwoods that don’t burn very well such as Willow and Poplar are all chipped up and used in our biomass boiler which powers our kiln. Nothing is wasted!.

The hardwoods we are most keen to process are Ash, Birch, Beech, Maple, Yew, Cherry, Hornbeam, Oak and Sycamore. Because our logs consist of many different types of hardwoods there is a real noticable variation in flame type and burning characteristics. We think this makes for a great fire as the flame structure changes as different hardwoods burn.

We also offer a unique ‘Bake&Burn’ service. We can split any type of hardwood to order, to any size and place in the kiln. Six or seven days later your logs will be ready for delivery with a moisture content of 15% or less. The most popular type of timber ordered with this service is Ash, Birch, Beech or Oak. These 4 hardwood types are generally considered to be the connoisseurs choice!. We can of course, supply you with a mix of these types ie. 50% ash and 50% birch.

We deliver in the weekdays during 4-7pm and all through the day on Saturdays.

All our bag sizes guarantee a minimum quantity of logs. Other suppliers will only advertise an average quantity, simply describe the volumetric  size of the bags or advertise a certain weight for sale. With Logworld Surrey you know exactly what minimum quantity you are purchasing. Because of our commitment  to provide this minimum quantity we will often exceed this amount as we make sure we deliver on our promise!

Reasons to choose Logworld Surrey for delivery of logs into Leatherhead:

Fast, prompt service

We are a local company producing a locally sourced product

Our state of the art kiln enables us to ensure low moisture content levels-below 15%

Only the best hardwoods selected-no softwood



Log World is dedicated to supplying responsibly sourced firewood, all of our timber comes directly from arisings produced by our sister company Hedges N Trees - A firm of skilled tree surgeons with the highest of reputations in the Surrey area.
As suppliers of locally sourced and recycled timber we do not contribute to any destructive forestry clearance operations.

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