At Logworld Surrey we have a bespoke-built log drying kiln system designed specifically to our requirements. Our biomass boiler heats a large water tank which pumps water into 2 fan heater units which circulate hot air throughout our drying unit. Our biomass boiler is powered by woodchip and releases no carbon into the atmosphere.

Traditional older log drying kilns have always been powered by gas or other fossil fuels which inevitably release carbon into the atmosphere and contribute to damaging the ozone layer. Not so with our biomass boiler!. The only by-product of our process is a nominal amount of ash produced during the burning of the woodchip. This can be disposed of naturally by spreading throughout the woodland we are in.

We can load our drying unit with freshly processed green hardwood logs with a moisture content of approx. 50% and seven days later the drying unit has reduced the moisture content to approx. 10%.

At Logworld Surrey we can kiln dry specific types of hardwood to order. You can place an order for a large bulk bag of Birch, Beech, Ash or Oak and we will place your wood into the kiln that same day. Seven days later, your order will be ready for delivery.

We operate this ‘bake to order’ service as this ensures your kiln-dried logs are delivered to you straight out of the kiln. This is important because as soon as the logs are taken out of the kiln they start to re-absorb moisture from the atmosphere. They will continue to do this until they reach an equilibrium with the moisture levels of the air within their local environment.

If we were to kiln dry our logs then stack them in one of our barns within weeks they would have a moisture content similar to that of a naturally air dried well seasoned log. This is not good enough for kiln dried logs!.  So we aim to deliver to you the same day the logs are removed from the kiln. This ensures you receive your logs with the desired lower moisture content that only a kiln drying process can offer.

Kiln dried logs are superior to air dried logs as we can control the moisture content. Its very difficult to get the moisture content below 20% with naturally seasoned logs for the reasons mentioned above. So although a properly naturally seasoned log will burn great there will still be a significant amount of heat lost as steam as the remaining moisture evaporates in the log as it burns. This is wasted energy which could be used to better heat your room.

So with kiln dried logs very little heat is lost this way. The logs burn hotter, more fiercely and more efficiently. The burning process releases less harmful deposits due to the higher burning temperature. This makes kiln dried logs much more suitable for log burning stoves, pizza ovens or any other stove with a metal flue.

Using naturally seasoned logs (especially poorly seasoned logs) with a log burner can increase the chance of the flue becoming lined with potentially harmful deposits which over time will cause regular maintenance issues or possibly even pose a fire risk as the deposits can ignite within the flue when the stove is burning. Thats why its a good idea to use kiln dried logs in stoves and burners.

Kiln dried logs are more expensive than naturally seasoned logs. But as with everything in life, you get what you pay for!. At Logworld Surrey we can offer any type of hardwood specifically split to your size requirements and kiln-dried to order. We realise that seven days is a bit of a wait, especially if it has suddenly or unexpectedly  turned cold and you’re anxious to get you logs but we think its worth the wait. We could always deliver you a smaller quantity of our air dried logs to keep you going!, whilst you wait for your premium quality kiln dried logs to be ready.