Kiln dried Hardwood logs for sale in Oxshott, Surrey

If you’re looking to buy top quality kiln dried hardwood in Oxshott then Logworld Surrey is the obvious choice.

We have recently invested in a bespoke built state of the art biomass powered kiln to dry our logs.

Our sister company Hedgesntrees Professional Tree Surgeons produces lots of softwood arisings-conifer, pine, spruce, willow. None of this type of timber we can use for our firewood processing. The wood density and composition make it unsuitable for use as firewood, it either doesn’t burn well or it spits and sends bits of red hot shrapnel flying across your living room!. Until now, we had to pay for a green waste company to dispose of this by product. But now this softwood has a use to us, we hire a big woodchipper and chip up all the softwood into a big pile. We turn the pile periodically and within a few months this woodchip is dry enough for the biomass boiler to burn.

We load this chip into a big container covered by a retractable roof. The boiler has a self-feeding mechanism which pulls chip into the boiler on demand. The biomass boiler burns this chip and uses the heat to heat a large water tank. This hot water (about 80 degrees) is then pumped around a closed system, past two large fan units with a heat exchanger built into the back of each fan. These fan units are housed at the rear of our drying unit. They blow hot air around the container continuously. Its this hot air that heats the logs up. When the logs become warm the water within the log migrates out. This is a process that can take between 3-8 days, depending on how wet the logs were when they went in and how many logs we load into the drying unit at any one time. As the water is forced out of the logs the moisture content of the atmosphere in the drying unit rises. We have a de-humidifying unit built into the drying unit to remove this moisture but in the first few days of the drying process this unit is overwhelmed, so when we open the doors to check on the logs it resembles an amazon rain forest in there!. There is water on the floor, on the ceiling and its like a sauna in the drying unit!. The moisture content readings show about 60% relative humidity. As time goes on and the logs begin to dry out the de-humidifier begins to make a gain and the moisture content within the drying unit and within the logs begins to fall dramatically.

We regularly test the logs for their moisture content. We believe the optimum moisture content for kiln dried logs is between 10-15%. When it gets to this level we bag the logs up and deliver them to customers houses asap.

Our kiln drying process ensures we can offer you the best possible product. A log which burns brightly and fiercely which heats your living space effectively and efficiently with little or no energy lost as steam.



Log World is dedicated to supplying responsibly sourced firewood, all of our timber comes directly from arisings produced by our sister company Hedges N Trees - A firm of skilled tree surgeons with the highest of reputations in the Surrey area.
As suppliers of locally sourced and recycled timber we do not contribute to any destructive forestry clearance operations.

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