Hardwood logs for sale in Kingswood, Surrey

We are based in Headley in Surrey so our location makes us the perfect choice for fast and punctual  log delivery into Kingswood and surrounding areas.  

At our wood yard we have huge stocks of well seasoned split hardwood logs for sale, all ready to be bagged up and delivered on the same day, if ordered before 12 noon.  Our wood yard in Headley has been designed and built specifically to process the hardwood arisings generated from Hedgesntrees Professional Tree Surgeons daily work.

The hardwood that arrives at the yard is cut into rings of uniform shape and width and stacked in our large raw material shack. It sits here for a minimum of 12 months to season naturally.  Our hardwood logs can be split to any width to ensure they neatly fit into your log burner or open fire.

From here it is then moved into the Processing shack to be split into logs.  The average log size is just slightly bigger than a house brick, making it the perfect size for any log burner or open fire.  During this splitting process we generate a lot of off-cuts and small slivers of hardwood that aren’t of suitable size to pass as proper logs. These are bagged up and sold as rustic kindling.   Once the logs are split they are moved into the split log shack and they are ready for general sale.

All our hardwood logs are tested regularly for their moisture content throughout this process. We only move the split logs into the split log shack when the moisture content is around 20-26%. We believe this is the optimum moisture content as if it is much lower the logs burn too quickly and if it is much higher too much heat is lost as steam and the logs can be difficult to burn.

Unlike the kiln-drying approach, our natural seasoning process requires no additional energy requirements, we just wait until they’re ready! The raw material shack has a big sloped roof to keep the rain off the logs and the open sides and use of pallets layered through the piles of timber allows adequate air flow through the pile for moisture to migrate from the timber into the open environment.

We have a great reputation in Kingswood for the quality of our hardwood logs and the prompt and reliable delivery service we offer - you can see for yourself by reading reviews on Google!  Our delivery slots throughout the week are between 4-7pm every evening. On Saturdays we deliver from 9am-5pm. All our bulk bags are lowered onto the customer’s driveway or front garden. The net bags of logs can be stacked in a garage of other suitable place.

We also a few other products for sale to complement our hardwood log packages, such as;

Smokeless coal, 10kg - lots of customers enjoy burning a mix of both logs and coal. The logs produce a nice flame and a bed of coal beneath produces lots of heat. 

Kindling - bags of rustic kindling and processed uniform sized softwood kindling to help get the fire started.

For more information about our hardwood logs for sale, and the seasoning process our logs go through, click here.  

If you’d like to place an order for logs you can click here


Log World is dedicated to supplying responsibly sourced firewood, all of our timber comes directly from arisings produced by our sister company Hedges N Trees - A firm of skilled tree surgeons with the highest of reputations in the Surrey area.
As suppliers of locally sourced and recycled timber we do not contribute to any destructive forestry clearance operations.

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